Live mastering

Eternal Midnight

We have developed this innovative service with a view to improve the sound in fixed and temporary audio installations such as festivals or clubs, it has been developed with a patent owned by Eternal Midnight. The future support us today

  • LIVE Mastering

    is a mobile version of Eternal Midnight mastering studios moving to where the music is performed live or through a DJ performance to achieve the same results as in the studio,

    the same climax from a processed master, to get the audience absolutely immersed in the musical experience.

    We present this service created by our engineer Xergio Cordoba with a series of FAQ

  • What is live mastering by Xergio Cordoba

    It is the most innovative way to enhance an incredible musical experience at a festivals or club using the most advanced techniques that a post-production studio has to offer, plus as a patented system owned by us, it can be used where Djs mix or music producers play live.

    Live Mastering by Xergio Córdoba is done by the mastering engineer using audio processors of the highest quality (State of Art) during sets, creating a "before and after" for an unprecedented live experience,

    only comparable with the changes you can obtain mixing a track before or after in a studio environment.

  • What results do you get together with a DJ or a live set.

    The first impression is that the music changes radically in all aspects, the sonics and purity increase beyond belief (but staying within the limits established by the law or the event), and strenght of the level, the defined bass and forcefullness, generates movement in music (punch) and fullness that translates into the minds of the audience,

    introducing them to a deeper musical experience and intensifying it, with the obvious benefits of increasing the prestige of the event, as well as earnings from bars.The experience of hundreds of records mastered by Xergio Cordoba allows him to adjust and adapt to the needs of the dj / producer to enhance the experience during a set

    This seems a contradiction with music played by a DJ which have previously been mastered however when a DJ mixes two songs together, a vast majority of the virtues of mastering is lost. Live mastering returns " that essence lost" and carries the music to a higher sphere .

    In the case of a live concert, the benefits of being processed in a live studio enviroment can be heard.

  • Who is Xergio Córdoba?

    Xergio is a renowned mastering engineer who has worked with many well known artists from around the world, the owner of Eternal Midnight mastering studio,

    apart from his experience in the mastering field, he is also known for his technical innovations. He has created a patent in the field of optimization of sound in audio installations, fixed and temporary, such as festivals, clubs and theaters.

    Eternal Midnight is the first company worldwide to develop a system of psychoacoustic audio to improve a performance in fixed and temporary installations (patent)

  • Where can you do it?

    The live mastering is available for all events where there is a crowd of people, either outdoors or indoors, festivals, theaters or nightclubs or any other type of event that includes music,

    even in clubs where local constraints limit acoustic emissions and volume regulations can be insufficient to carry out its business. Using this patent allows you to double the sound volume perception while maintaining the same dBA to which is limited by regulations,

    a "subwoofer effect" is created that recreates the feeling of volume without it actually being present.

  • Who is this focused for?

    You can focus this to different requirements

    DJs or producers who want to convey richness of sound in their sets, enhancement that is noticable and reaching your audience in new ways integrating thus increasing their prestige and empathy with the public. We all know the effect that can be produced by an artist with great sound and another with a bad sonics, great sound is maximized by Mastering Live.

    -Promotores/dueños de salas que deseen que sus eventos resalten claramente de los tros de la competencia, o tengan que realizarlos en lugares cuyas limitaciones municipales legales les impida tener el volumen y la calidad óptimos para desempeñar su actividad comercial.

  • What do you need to bring

    The assembly is very simple and does not interfere at all with any original configuration of a sound systems of a Festival / club, maintaining any settings of dB limits and equalizers.

    The input is from a multi-processor from the output of the mixer to the dj / producer and before the equipment of the club or event, so being a simple effect of the dj mixer with nothing affecting the original configuration.

  • What technical requirements are needed frm the Artist

    No necessary technical requirements are needed from the artist as Live Mastering is located at the output of your mixer, so it does not involve any change from its usual configuration.

    The extensive experience of the engineer will manage the deployment of all necessary means to carry out the Live Mastering.

  • What technical requirements from the club / venue are necessary

    In principle, any place prepared to emmit music is pepared for Live Mastering by Xergio Cordoba.

    The only thing needed is the ability to calibrate our equipment with the room in question with a simple "sound check" with your staff and resources.

    Xergio Cordoba and his team would first contact qualified personnel for such actions and coordinate any tests.